Facebook bans crypto-related advertisements, now what for cryptocurrency and ICO advertising?

Cryptocurrencies and ICO projects have hit the mainstream and consequently resulted in a high number of scams. And Facebook as one of the biggest advertising platforms has accumulated a considerable amount of misleading and deceptive ICO projects and binary options.


Because of this, Facebook released a new policy prohibiting ads associated with cryptocurrencies. The company, although still positive and encouraging people to discover these new currencies, is now blocking any products or services promoting cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin in their platform.


Their News Ads Policy of the company, outlined some examples of advertisements that is no longer allowed. From the policy announcement, you can also learn that the goal is to eliminate several companies who are currently not operating in good faith and maintain the company’s integrity.


It seems like the Bitcoin bubble and hype on cryptocurrencies is having a tough time. From China’s ban of cryptocurrency in their market, now, Facebook is also joining the bandwagon. But, for anyone who is serious about his or her ICO or crypto projects, Facebook’s ban should not be a hindrance. Of course, Facebook remains the top social media platform to advertise, and it will slow the crypto companies down, but it will also make other platforms shine.


Reddit, one of the fastest growing social media platforms, especially in America, can take advantage of the Facebook’s ban on ads containing cryptocurrencies. The Maximize Social Business site gave a complete guide on how you can use Reddit to advertise and get as much attention, feedback, and discussion like Facebook.


Another advertising platform is Twitter. It is a viable option, yet an underutilized network for advertising and organic engagement. From this site, you can promote accounts, tweets, and trends associated with cryptocurrencies. It is also easy to set up an account.


The primary marketing strategy for ICO projects entails community building and going out there to meet potential investors. Have a look at some of the steps you can do to draw more attention to your ICO and cryptocurrencies projects:


1.) Make announcements in popular ICO calendars such as: CoinGecko.com, ICOCrowd.com, Tekenmarket.net, and Cyber Fund.


2.) Publish in professional communities to gain immediate feedback. Some of the sites you should visit are:

  • Quora Discussions where you can have discussions on various ICO projects and blockchain you can participate.
  • LinkedIn professional groups such as Bitcoin Blockchain & Fintech Think Tank where you can interact with members and meet people who can help you along the way.
  • Specialized Forums about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcointalk.


Here is what your ICO marketing plan for 2018 should look like:


1.)       Have ICO Listing

ICO listing by an outsource agency could cost about $25,000 and includes at least the top ten ICO listings.


2.)       Have Paid Advertisements

Paid advertisement by an outsource agency would cost $150,000 inclusive of specialized ads and campaigns on most platforms including Google and Twitter. But, if you’re doing it by yourself, the cost could only amount to $3,000 per month.


3.)       Join ICO Events

One thing you should focus on is communicating with investors and expanding your network. So, find upcoming events!

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